Welcome to reXgrep! 
Searching for words, and especially combinations of words, in your files is like finding needles in a haystack!  More so, if you want to search for combinations which have AND, OR or NOT relationships.
reXgrep is a powerful, intutive and user-friendly interface to the grep command, which has been built using the GTK+ toolkit. It allows one to search for keywords in a more intutive fashion by using relationships like "Exact Phrase", "All", "Some" and "None" apart from "Regular Expressions" which the classic grep program supports. 

The aim of the utility is to give a friendly face to the powerful grep command, and enhance the Linux desktop by providing a powerful tool with a functional and easy to use graphical interface. Most of the features of grep have been supported in reXgrep, and one no longer needs to refer to the man pages or remember an arcane sequence of commands Additionally, the results of the grep can be saved for future reference.

To install:
$ tar xvzf rexgrep-1.2.tar.gz 
$ cd rexgrep-1.2 
$ make 
This will install the rexgrep binary in the rexgrep-1.1 directory. To install system-wide, su to root 

$ su 
# make install 

To reXgrep, just: 
$ rexgrep

1st  Jan 2000: reXgrep 1.2
21st Dec 1999: reXgrep 1.1
5th  Dec 1999: reXgrep 1.0
21st Nov 1999: reXgrep 0.9.5
15th Nov 1999: reXgrep 0.9.0 Initial release on Freshmeat
see changeLog here.
Download reXgrep-1.2 here !
Download reXgrep-1.1 here 
Download reXgrep-1.0 here 
Download reXgrep-0.9.0 here
All comments, criticisms, suggestions and bug-reports are welcome to: rohit_singh@hotmail.com
It shall be my endeavour to remove them ASAP