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I'm just a bird in the sky...

 In case you were looking for me, I am a young man of ten less than thirty, 
 I have brown eyes, and my hair is dark, of variable length and often kinda dirty. 
 Though to be kind and humble I have always striven, I do admit to having awinning natural exuberance 
 And, at the waist, more than a barely noticeable protuberance. 
 I'm not as athletic as Cosmas N'Deti or, for that matter, Pam Shriver, 
 So you wouldn't find me jogging by the river. 
 Of those who'd provide me with a beverage, as long as it is derived from caffeine, grape or malt, 
 I am generous to practically any fault. 
 I spent years studying manuscripts at Esteemed Monasteries 
    in New Delhi and Kharagpur until I disco_vered
 They don't make good singaras at Harries.

For those with wrinkled brows, I'd be forthright and brash
And admit that almost eighty percent of the above verse was 
borrowed from the Collected Works of a certain Mr Nash !