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software 'n utilities

I have written a few utilities/hacks which I think are of some use too! Here they are...



reXgrep is a powerful, intutive and user-friendly interface to the grep command, which has been built using the GTK+ toolkit. It allows one to search for keywords in a more intutive fashion by using relationships like "Exact Phrase", "All", "Some" and "None" apart from "Regular Expressions" which the classic grep program supports. 

Fork Bomb Defuser

rexFBD is a loadable kernel module for Linux which detects and disables 'fork bombs'. Fork Bomb Defuser (rexFBD) allows you to configure the max_forks_per_second and max_tasks_per_user parameters, at the time of loading the module. Any possible Fork Bomb is detected using these parameters and is defused (deactivated) in real time. The uid of the user who started it, as well as the time it was started is logged in /var/log/messages for the system administrator to take action


superTelnet is a Telnet client written in Java, which allowed me to telnet outside the Firewall in Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, where I studied. It still works there, and I believe it'll work wherever squid proxy is installed;)