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architecture + graphics...

I have an active interest in graphic design, and when I get too many of those core dumps while programming, you can find me buzy sketching on my notepad!
Here you'll find links to some of my works.



This is an auditorium which I designed in my junior year at college. I conceptualized it as an alien spaceship which has landed in the institute campus by mistake. Taken over by the students, it now functions as the institute auditorium. A concept explained with my drawings.


As a team of 4 students, we designed a courthouse for participating in the Otis Elevator Architectural Design Contest. Here you'll find some 3d images of our courthouse which I did in AutoCAD and 3dStudio.

solar research centre

This is the project for which I was awarded the All India Best B.Tech Project Award by Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE).
You can watch a 6 second (1 MB!) AVI walkthrough of the institute which I designed as part of my Final B.Arch Project.

railway officers club

Some 3dStudio images of a Club which I designed in my Senior year at college.

animated gifs

Animation gives life to GIFs! Check out a few which I've done... My Visual Communication course came of use here !


'Fallingwater' (by Frank Lloyd Wright) rendered in watercolor. I did this in my junior year as part of Visual Arts course.